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Action in Focus Is a non-profit locally registered Non-governmental organization with the mission of serving the poor, the needy and the suffering, while strengthening children, their families, and their communities.

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Famine Relief

Famine Relief

Unfortunately, in the last ten years, famine has reoccurred several times in various part of Kenya due to seasonal drought. On most of these occasions …
Famine Relief

Medical Camps

On a regular basis Action in Focus acquires a large assortment of medicines, assembles a team of volunteers: doctors, pharmacist and nurses and sets …
Famine Relief

Logistics Support to Orphanages

For a variety of reasons children find themselves homeless, have no family and live destitute on the street. We believe that, given a fair chance and …
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What people say about us

  • It's been a privilige to participate in Action in Focus' projects & to touch the lives of so many in need. We love being a part of creating positive change in this world and look forward to collaborating on even more projects in the future

    Donna Volunteer from the USA
  • It was great to work with Action in Focus at the Mwingi Medical Camp. Helping others is a very fulfilling experience and I am glad I was given a chance to assist them in helping those in need.

    Patrick Volunteer Pharmacist